Meet Anna & Sarah

Anna & Sarah want their wealth to positively affect the world around them. They also desire to leave a legacy for their children so they too can have a positive impact throughout their lives.


  1. Idealism vs. Practicality
  2. Generosity vs. Prudence
  3. Now vs. Future


  1. Have Your Cake & Eat It Too – We can build a diversified, socially responsible portfolio that doesn’t sacrifice the ability to grow your nest egg, positioning you to achieve both your financial and social goals.
  2. Build Your Team – Maximizing your philanthropic activities may involve obtaining tax and legal counsel. We work with a network of outside professionals to bring you seamless solutions.
  3. Family Education – We are happy to consult with your adult children on their financial lives, ensuring they make the most of their resources and time horizon from starting off their careers to raising a family and planning for retirement.