Meet Beth & Steve

They have accumulated a $2 million nest egg but aren’t sure how to make their money stretch the furthest to ensure they don’t run out of money.


  1. Shifting from Savings to Spending
  2. When is Optimal Time to Begin Social Security
  3. Evaluating residence options (home renovation, Continuing Care Retirement Community) 


  1. Bucket Approach – We recommend more conservative investments for near-term spending needs and growth-oriented investments for the long term. We think this reduces the risk and stress of having to sell in a down market while allowing the portfolio to grow over time. The money you need today is not exposed to stock market volatility.
  2. Social Security – We use software with the latest Social Security data to inform recommendations on the optimal timing to begin receiving benefits. 
  3. Retirement Living – Where to live to maximize your enjoyment in retirement is a significant decision. We can help by researching, running calculations and advising on various living arrangements.